Brazil: How Propaganda And Violence Distort Democracy

If you think democracy is stronger than propaganda, then you’ll have to think again.
If you think the rule of majority is what makes democracy, then listen to the case of Brazil as below.

The population of Brazil is made of a majority of Black and Metis (52%) and some other yellow and indigenous minorities (2 to 3%), but in the Brazilian parliament 90% of the elected members are white and only 1 in 10 (10%) Black and Metis people, while Brazil is still a democracy.

For the last Presidential election all 3 candidates were all white.

For outsiders, Brazil is multicutural country, with happy Metis and Black people spending most of their time in Carnival, or crushed by poverty in the slums.

In fact Brazil is an apartheid system where, like in South Africa, the whole economy is the hand of the white minority who control all aspect of politics, economy, business and culture.

The white people don’t mix with the Black, Yellow or Brown people. While in the 19th century the majority of the population was Black people (about 80%), now they represent only 8% in the country.

With massive importation of poor white farmers from Europe in the second half of the 19 century, and a structured violence against the Black people, Brazil successfully diluted the presence of the Black people with a “whitening of the population” program. Black people are now only 8%, with the lowest birth rate and demographic growth over the past 150 years.


White Brazilian did everything to keep their race “unpolluted” (they now represent 48% of pure white as they call themselves), but succeeded to have 43% of Metis (mainly mixed with Black people).

Now ask yourself, how is possible that in a country of 191 millions people, with 53% of Black and Metis, there is only 10% of the latest group in the parliament?

Ask Why in Brazil, rich Black person means instantly rich football player? Ask why in most of Brazilian movies, Black people still only play the roles of servants?

As most visitors witnessed during that world Cup, there were almost not Black Brazilians in the stadiums! But take a look at the Brazilian National Soccer Team, which was playing in the World Cup. There were only 2 White players in a team of 11.

Brazil is very good at its image propaganda. But don’t be fooled. It’s a deep apartheid country, less violent than the South African one, but the result for the local Black people are the same over the centuries.

We should not let Brazil continue fooling the world, but make the country face its structural racist system, the continued violence against Black people there. (Indeed, Brazil was the last country in South America to abolish slavery in 1888, While Britain abolished slavery in the empire since 1833).

source: Silicon Africa


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