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Brad Pitt Jokes About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Right in Front of Prince William and Kate Middleton

Brad Pitt wasn’t physically at the BAFTAs last night to accept the award for best supporting actor for his role in Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood, but his speech was still one of the most memorable moments of the night.

Margot Robbie, who co-starred in the film with Pitt, picked up the trophy on his behalf, and shared his message with the crowd.

Photo credit: Joe Maher - Getty Images

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Photo credit: Joe Maher – Getty Images

“Brad couldn’t be here tonight due to family obligations, so he asked me to read his response for him,” Robbie said before launching into a Brexit joke.

“He starts by saying, ‘Hey Britain. Heard you just became single. Welcome to the club!’”

From there, the speech got a bit more sincere.

“He then says, ‘Thank you to the Academy for this extreme honor.’ He says he’s ‘always been a bit intimidated over here given the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and the titans that have come before, so this is especially meaningful,’” Robbie continued.

After that, Pitt thanked a few people involved in the movie before ending with a zinger about Harry and Meghan.

“Oh, and he says that he is going to name this ‘Harry'” Robbie says, referencing the statue. “’cause he is really excited about bringing it back to the States with him.”

She ended with a disclaimer: “His words not mine!”

Despite the awkwardness, Will and Kate seem to be taking the joke in stride, and are even seen laughing it off in footage from the award show.

Watch the whole thing go down here:


They were apparently less enthused about Rebel Wilson’s joke later in the night, which referenced not only Prince Harry, but also Prince Andrew.

Watch their reaction to that bit here:


But Pitt and Wilson weren’t the only ones to score a few laughs at the royals’ expense. William himself cracked a joke about how so many recent award winners had played members of his family.

“I am particularly proud to stand here tonight having served as BAFTA’s President for the last 10 years. However, I must admit I don’t know whether I should be proud, or slightly alarmed, about the number of winners over the last decade who have portrayed members of my own family,” he said.

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