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Brad Pitt Challenges Leonardo DiCaprio Over Titanic’s ‘Biggest Film Controversy’

Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie pushed Leonardo DiCaprio to answer a question about Titanic that has been described as ‘the biggest movie controversy’.

Leo was being interviewed by MTV reporter Josh Horowitz, alongside his Once Upon A Time In Hollywood co-stars.

While he thought the questions would be centred around his new movie, it was a burning question about the 1997 film Titanic that brought the must know answer.

Josh asked Leo whether he thought Jack could actually have fit on the door that was keeping Kate Winslet’s Rose from a freezing death in the icy waters.

Leonardo wasn’t forthcoming with an answer though and just shook his head in disbelief that this question had been asked once again.

Margot Robbie and Brad Pitt were not going to let him get away with that though, with Margot exclaiming: “Oh my god, I thought about it. I remember bawling my eyes out!”

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Margot sounded heartbroken as she recalled the moment when Jack let Rose float away, sacrificing himself to hypothermia.

Leonardo was having none of it though and would only say “I have no comment,” but with a big grin on his face.

Brad was then asked by Josh for his opinion, to which he replied: “That is fun. Well I’m going to go back and look now, certainly.”


With Brad and Margot in a jovial mood, Leonardo’s facade finally cracked and Margot declared the scene: “That is the biggest controversy in cinema history.”

Leonardo agreed, replying: “Ever!”

Margot was in inquisitive mode now and asked him: “Did you mention it at the time, should we make the door bigger?”

Leonardo was undeterred though and would only reply: “Like I said I have no comment.”

Brad was feeling mischievous and started jibing Leo, asking him: “Could you? Could you squeeze in?”

Leonardo DiCaprio [Shutterstock]

By now Leo was laughing but stayed firm with his: “No comment.”

The ‘controversy’ about the scene came about when Kate Winslet said that Jack ‘could have fit on the door’ with her and have survived instead of freezing to death.

Kate was replying to Kathy Bates at the time, who had noted: “In one of Cinema’s most tragic love scenes Jack insists that Rose must survive, her heart will go on.

“He lets go of her hand and sinks into the depth of the Atlantic.

“And I personally think that there was plenty of room on there!”

Kate backed this up, saying: “I completely agree with you on that door. He could have fit on it! He could have fit on that door!”

It seems that Leonardo won’t open the door on his real thoughts and whether Jack’s death was uneccessary.


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