Boy from Angola DJs with just a water bottle and broken toys


Imagine making an electronic dance song that gets a crowd moving without any equipment. No computer, no sound mixer, no keyboard and no beatbox. All you have is a water bottle and your spirit.

A young boy from Angola demonstrates that with the right combination of creativity and passion, anything is possible. In this video clip, the boy – who goes by the name ‘DJ Castro’ – gives an 11-minute performance of an EDM song created with a plastic water bottle and his own vocalisations.


For effect, he twists the knobs of a children’s toy and hits the keyboard of a fake laptop – but these are just props. The music is all coming from DJ Castro’s voice and his water bottle. The song is called ‘Nas Mistures’, which means ‘mixtures’ in Portuguese – the official language of Angola. Try and see if you can listen to it without stomping your feet and bobbing your head.



Written by PH

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