This Boy Complained of Severe Pain in The Mouth. What Doctors Discovered Shocked The Whole World! [VIDEO]

Indian Ashik Gawai experienced something very strange about a week ago. Seventeen complaining of hard swelling of the jaw, but local doctors could not determine the cause of the condition, and his father took him to a hospital in Mumbai, and what they found shocked them.

There doctors started looking what is going on into the boy’s mouth.

Additional teeth are caused by extremely rare tumor. Doctors described the condition as “very rare” and “world record”. 

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The operation was led by Dr. Vandana Thorawade, with two surgeons and two assistants. It took them seven hours to successfully remove the tumor and all additional teeth.

Doctors have counted 232 teeth in total.However, it is believed that the actual number is higher because they stopped counting the teeth after a few hours during the operation.

Watch video below :



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