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A Boy From Cambodia Sleeps With A Huge Python (Video)

The family keeps a giant killer python in one of the rooms of their house. The boy calls it Lucky and spends hours playing and sleeping with the reptile.

boy sleeps with snake

How can parents let the child play with its potential enemy? Well, the affection between the two seems to be mutual. The boy pets it and even kisses the snake. He hopes to have a lifelong connection and friendship with the creature.

boy and python


Burmese pythons are quite capable of strangling and even swallowing humans. They have done it in the past. When the family found the snake, it was tiny (thumb size). His mother carrying the boy in the womb had a dream: a snake came to their house to protect the little one. She believes lucky is the fulfillment of that dream.

huge reptile

The family bathes the snake, feeds and pats it. It seems like the huge reptile easily bonds with the strangers and does not threats anyone’s life.  Watch the video to see how the boy and his odd friend play and even sleep together!

Hopefully the mother’s faith in protection does not fail her and turn into a tragedy for that family. It’s a lovely story.


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