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Boxing Champ, Floyd Mayweather Unveils Impressive Fleet of Over 1.5 Million Pound Cars (Video)

Floyd Mayweather is rich, and he wants everyone to know. The undefeated former boxer, aptly nicknamed “Money,” unveiled his astonishing fleet of all-black cars in a shared video on his Instagram page.

His fleet of cars includes several Rolls-Royce, plus a custom Mercedes and a Ferrari, all in jet black.

The most expensive of these is the Rolls Royce Phantom, the most luxurious model of the famous British car brand.

The four-door sedan, the eighth-generation Phantom design, is equipped with leather seats, cruise control, a WiFi system and a diamond-encrusted ceiling.

In addition to its Rolls Royce, Mayweather also has a black Mercedes-Maybach, a luxury version of the German car brand and a Ferrari 488, a two-door sports car capable of reaching a speed of 0 to 96.56 km / h in three seconds, and a top speed of 329.91 km / h.

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“All Black Everything” Trying to decide what I want to take for a spin… The Phantom, The Wraith, The Drophead, The Dawn, The Maybach or The 488 Ferrari.

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