Bow Legs: Causes And How To Straighten Without Surgery

People with bowlegs have knees that arch out while the ankles are together and feet pointing straight ahead. This is a condition that is also known as Genu Varum. There are many different causes, several symptoms, and some methods of prevention to bow-leggedness.

Bow Legs What Causes And How To Straighten Without Surgery

Infants are born bowlegged because of their folded position in the mother’s womb. When the child starts to walk, this condition usually corrects itself.

Children who still have bow legs may have abnormal bone development. This can occur because of a disease, poisoning, or lack of nutrients. For instance, Blount’s disease can occur in young children, or in teenagers. The growth plates on the upper portion of the tibia develop abnormally with this disease, causing the lower legs to arch outwards.

A child may have Rickets. Rickets happen when a child does not get or metabolize enough Vitamin D. Broken bones that are not healed properly or fluoride poisoning, can be other causes for bow-leggedness.

Bowlegs are normally determined by observation. This is most obvious when a bow-legged person stands or walks. Also, a person may discover that they have a difficult walking though they still are able to walk and keep up with others.


Young children with bow legs do not feel any pain. But, teenagers may feel some pain. It is not uncommon for them to feel pain in the joints of the ankles, knees, or hips because of the abnormal stresses placed on them. If a person does not prevent the bow -leggedness, it is more likely to develop arthritis in the ankles, knees, and hips, causing continuous pain.

There are some tests that should be done in order to diagnose. A blood test can reveal the presence of Rickets as well as lead or fluoride poisoning. Sometimes, X-rays are needed to check on the severity of the deformity and diagnose Blount’s Disease.

Bowlegs can be prevented depending on the cause. You have to be sure that your children get enough Vitamin D. Children can get Vitamin D by feeding foods rich in or fortified with such. Also, make sure your child is exposed to sunlight and gets the proper amount of vitamin D.

Blount’s Disease can be treated but not prevented. It can be treated with some of these devices, for example, bow legs, special shoes, braces, or casts. These are effective in young children.

Surgery is necessary if the bowing is severe. It is done as a last alternative in most cases.

Because it is very hard to treat as one gets older, it is helpful to diagnose and treat this condition as young as possible, in order to have the best result.

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