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Botswana’s President Ian Khama Faults Donald Trump

Ian Khama, the Botswana president, blatantly attacked the US president. He accused him of wanting to encourage poaching in his country. President Trump had decided to cancel the import ban on hunting trophies from several African countries.

The Botswana head of state was speaking at a conference focused on the conservation of African elephants.


“I want to take this moment to condemn in the strongest terms the decision made by the Trump administration that issued on 1 March a memorandum with immediate effect, according to which the US government would consider issuing permits for certain trophies of elephants from six African countries (…) I think this administration undermines our efforts and also encourages poaching, because it knows that our laws prohibit hunting in Botswana, “ lamented President Ian Khama.

A few days ago, it was the son of Donald Trump who added a layer. One of his photos in which he held an elephant’s tail in his hands, had circulated on the canvas. This caused great consternation on the part of animal rights organizations.


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