Botswana is the Least Corrupt Country in Africa for 2017 According to Transparency International

Apparently things are not looking good but as a typical African, we believe hope is still alive.

The new Transparency International Corruption Index could not have come at a more significant time. Africa is loading its guns to fight the scourge of graft and the African Union in particular is running under the theme “Winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation.” This is the year of war and the index is a reminder of just how brutal the battles should be if Africa is to win. Things are not looking good but hope is alive!

For starters, ours is the worst performing region in the world. According to Transparency International, the lowest-scoring countries on the index are, however, often those where there is conflict or war.


In addition, other countries that perform poorly on the index are “led by African leaders that run for office on an anti-corruption ticket, but never live up to their pledges to deliver corruption-free services to their citizens”. It is all too easy to claim there will be clean-ups but half the time, even the brooms are filthy.
However, all hope is not lost thanks to countries like toast of the year – Botswana, Seychelles, Cape Verde and Rwanda. It just so happens that Rwanda’s Kagame is the poster-boy of the the AU anti-corruption drive and there is no wondering why.

Botswana scored 61 from a possible 100, followed closely by Seychelles with 60 points while Cape Verde and Rwanda have impressive hauls of 55 points. This is a 4 point tumble for Cape Verde but it does not fall too far from grace. Namibia has a good 51 points and Mauritius sits on 50 points but the government is on a drive to raise this by 16 points in 10 years.

The full index is available on the official Transparency International site.


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