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Botswana’ Government Closes All the Churches of Popular Malawian Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Malawian pastor Shepherd Bushiri appears to have problems with the Botswana government because all branches of his church in the country have been closed.

This came a few weeks after the government lifted a visa ban on Enlightened Christian Gathering, founder of former President Ian Khama. The recent crackdown prompted followers of the Prophet Bushiri to visit the church headquarters in South Africa at weekends to attend Sunday services, while others followed church events through his television channel.

Bushiri, described as “too demanding” by the former Minister of Nationality for Immigration, had demanded strong security from Botswana’s state security agencies whenever he found himself in the country. He also wanted the government to order that all ports of entry be open 24 hours a day for convenience, a request that would pose a threat to national security.


“His church wrote a letter to my ministry asking that we open our borders for 24 hours. In the letter, they said that, given the status of the pastor, we should open the borders according to their request, “he said.

Confirming the closure of the Prophet’s Bushiri churches in Botswana, the country’s police commissioner, Keabetswe Makgophe, warned members of his church to stop assembling or starting church activities because they were working illegally.

The national executive secretary of the church, Pelotshweu Baeng, confirmed that he had received the letter from the Government of Botswana. He also revealed that hundreds of worshipers had gone to the service last week in the South African capital after the police commissioner’s ban letter.


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