You Were Born In The 80’s Or 90’s If You Know Any Of These Hip Hop Songs

Hip Hop has really changed over the years, the beats, the flow, the style have all taken a different turn.

These days raps don’t even carry any message, it’s just some mumbling of words and breaks. Back in the day, rappers were actually poets and spoke real wisdom. The beats were also top notch, you couldn’t resist.

Whenever you step into the night club, you expect to hear any one of these songs.

1. Nonchalant – 5 O’clock

“5 O’clock in the morning where you gonna be?” and you will hear the whole crowd shout, “Outside the corner”. This song was the issh!!! Back in the 90’s, a DJ who didn’t play this song before bringing the show to an end was considered a mediocre.

2. Luniz – 5 On It

It seems it was an art of design, any DJ who played 5 O’clock always follows it up with this song which always got the crowd cheering.


3. Naughty By Nature –  Hip Hop Hooray

Hip hop hooray still carries with the exuberance it had from day one even today and whenever it is played, people still groove it but back in the day, it was awesome.

4. Craig Mark – Flava In Ya Ear

Some of you 90’s babies might not know him but this is the man Busta Rhymes and many other rappers took their flow and style from. This song was a banger at the time and till date when it hits your stereos, you will surely move your feet.

5. Heavy D – Big Daddy

Big Daddy made it big back in the day and the girls loved it, of course
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