Blue Turtle Launches Fintech Go-to-market for Africa

Blue Turtle, a player in enterprise technology management, has unveiled a new go-to-market strategy that will assist financial services companies to better make use of new technology to drive business.

As part of this strategy, Blue Turtle has partnered with a number of exciting new software providers in the fintech space.

The strategy brings together technology innovations, international partnerships and the collective experience of the Blue Turtle team, providing customers with a partner that understands their business and technology challenges, as well as ensuring their alignment to global trends.

“These new technology offerings are combined with consulting expertise to enable our customers to better embrace digital disruption, while at the same time ensuring they meet with compliance regulations every step of the way,” says Justin Arnoldi, Head of FinTech, Blue Turtle.


The global financial industry has seen increasing disruption due to new technologies aimed at improving financial activities, which are not only being used by banks, but also insurance companies, telecoms, medical aid companies and e-commerce in general.

Increasingly, digital technologies are being specialised to vertical markets, none more so than financial services. It is with this that Blue Turtle has carefully selected leading technology partners to drive initiatives such as digital customer engagement and service; mobile customer on-boarding, Know-Your-Customer (KYC), regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, real-time business analysis and revenue optimisation.

“There is no single technology that meets the needs of all clients, thus making it critical for us as a technology business to offer a set of market-leading solutions for customers, which focus not only on their industry, but also the express challenges they face in their vertical market. I believe that with a tailored focus on fintech, our new vendor partnerships and the investment we are making in our skills within this sector will better position us as a partner to our customers,” ends Arnoldi.


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