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Blanket: The Last Son Of Michael Jackson Abandoned By His Guardian And Grandmother

Before his death, the king of pop, Michael Jackson had left his three children under the responsibility of his mother, Katherine. Prince and Paris, the first two, being adults are gone. Their grandmother therefore has only little Blanket under her tutelage. But, Katherine wants to get rid of this responsibility.

Michael Jackson’s mother was the one who always looked after her three grand children after his death. Paris, Prince and little Blanket have remained under the tutelage of their grandmother since 2012. However, according to information published by TMZ, the mother of the king of pop wants to get rid of this responsibility.


Prince and Paris, aged 20 and 19 respectively, having become adults, are no longer under the tutelage of their grandmother. The latter therefore considers that it is no longer necessary for her to be the guardian of Blanket. For her, the 15-year-old no longer needs to be under her wing and she believes that TJ Jackson, the one with whom she shares the custody of the young Blanket, can very well fulfill this role.

Blanket’s grandmother has already joined the act. Earlier this month, she filed an application with the Los Angeles Superior Court to relinquish her responsibilities. As a reason, Katherine spoke of her very advanced age, 87 years old.

Now, it remains for the judge to study her request. TMZ adds that Katherine Jackson would in any case have abandoned her responsibilities for a long time. Last April, Blanket’s big sister was worried about the fate of her little brother, who lives at her grandmother’s house, but in the latter’s absence. She had not arrived home since January.


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