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“Blacks Have Sold Blacks”: Decryption Of A Lie!!

When a nation is invaded, there are always three categories of response to the invader. There are those who resist to the end, there are those who collaborate by force because they have no other choice, and there are the traitors who collaborate willingly with the enemy.

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You have in the picture below the Marshal Petain, who ruled France, shaking hands with Hitler after this one invaded France after 8 months of war only! France under Petain collaborated with Germany and delivered its citizens to the Third Reich, Jews in particular transported in the wagons of the SNCF. But it has never been said that the French were responsible for the Shoah (the Jewish genocide) or even better than whites delivered whites.

When an event of this kind happens, history always tells it by comparing the three groups of people with their reactions. In the case of Africa during slavery, it is as if there were only traitors. One does not even bother to call them traitors, since you know … it is normal for Africans to sell each other since the dawn of time.

The Italian head of state Mussolini was the mentor of Hitler at the beginning of this one. The Spanish head of state Franco was a passive ally of Hitler. Of all the great European nations, the only one to have resisted to the end was Churchill’s England, and this is partly due to its geographical situation. Isolated, it was difficult to take. The whole of Europe has collaborated with Hitler but today we hear mostly that Hitler is responsible for the Shoah and the 50 million deaths, which is normal.

Europeans have massively captured Europeans to sell them to the Arabs for centuries, with Venice as their transit point. It has never been said that whites have sold whites to the Arabs. The Europeans had Amerindian scouts during the conquest of America, but it has never been seen that the Amerindians exterminated the Amerindians.

During the Algerian war, Algerians called Harkis, fought in the French army against theirs. It has never been said that the Arabs and Berbers are responsible for the colonial genocide in Algeria. In the history of mankind, there have always been traitors and unfortunately we have not escaped the rule during the slave trade.

The difference in our case is that we are not talking about resistance. We are not talking about Somalis, Kenyans, Tanzanians and Mozambicans, who have delivered a resistance to death for almost a century against Portuguese, city by city, street by street, who have seen one of their king beheaded, and Their wealthy states destroyed by cannon. We are not talking about the 30 years of resistance of Queen Nzinga who managed to contain the Europeans in Angola.

We do not speak of the letters of King Nzinga Mbemba, who demanded the arrest of the slave. We are not talking about King Nana Badu Bonsu of Ghana who obviously killed Dutch slavers before being beheaded by the Europeans. We are not talking about King Almamy of Senegambia who swore to kill and slaughter all slave traders on his soil. We are not talking about the Soninkés and the Mandingoes who have joined forces to fight against the Europeans etc … No, the whole world has retained that the Europeans arrived in Africa and that they found good wild kings who put men , women and children on the coast with signs “for sale”.

One may wonder why and how we managed to stick us death and deportation of 400 million of us . The fact is that we are not Men. It’s been 500 years since we came out of humanity, which Europe has downgraded us into sub-men. Therefore all that is possible to say about other peoples, is quite acceptable for blacks, civilizing of humanity , become 500 years animals.

So that it is clear to everyone, in any situation of aggression, the primary responsibility is the sponsor. We have had plenty of resistance across the continent and we have to stop saying that we are responsible for the slave trade. Finally it is we, as Africans on both sides of the Atlantic and victims, belongs writing our past because as we said Mama Miriam Makeba “do not expect that people who Have come to invade us write the truth about us “.

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