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“Blacks Are Not Human In Their Eyes,” A Nigerian Migrant Tells His Terrible Experience In Libya!!

A young Nigerian migrant who thinks that Europe is the Eldorado and who wanted to go there by all means, was saved from a boat in the Mediterranean last year. It tells the hard trial he went through in Libya.

“Otins”, aged 22, is one of the Nigerian and African migrants who decided to go through Libya because they hope to have a better life in Europe. Speaking to MOAS last week, he claims he had to leave Nigeria because of the Niger Delta crisis.



I had to leave Nigeria because of the Niger Delta crisis. This militia group entered our village and forced the men to join them. On a dark night, I managed to escape from the camp and escape. It took me five weeks but I finally managed to go to Libya. It was not the safe place I expected.

I was kidnapped by a militia, they beat me and tortured me with a knife several times. Black people are not humans in their eyes. I escaped again, and managed to get in touch with a smuggler who put me on a rubber boat for Europe.

The crossing was intense. The sun was so hot in the sea that I fainted. Want to know my biggest dream? I no longer have a dream, Because my only dream has come true. I survived. I’m not dead in Nigeria, I’m not dead in Libya, I’m not dead in the sea. Now I have to find a new dream.


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