Blacks And Minorities In The US Are Seriously Getting Armed For Protection

The fear of Trump’s presidency still looms over the United States. Report says that more blacks and minorities in America are acquiring guns for protection.

Reactions since the victory of the President-elect Trump shows the strong elements of divisions in the country.

Non-supporters of Trump largely include immigrants and the LGBT community.

Earl Curtis, an African-American gun store owner in Chantilly, Virginia, had this to say:

“[Minorities] feel that racists now feel like they can attack … just because the president is doing it.”

Before Trump’s victory, the United States had series of violent clashes between blacks and white police officers. Black Americans have been victims of racial injustice often perpetuated by the law which should be protecting them.

With the rate and spate of racial crimes, Black citizens as well as minorities are increasingly getting armed for protection.

Gun store owners hint that gun corporation stocks and firearm sales went up during the campaign period; but fell significantly after Donald Trump won the elections. In other words the people wear more scared of Trump not winning the elections.


This was most probably a direct effect of Trumps’s refusal to accept the election results during his campaign.

It will also be recalled that Obama’s administration was frustrated with the rate of gun violence and poor approach on gun control.

The American congress has not been exactly helpful in passing bills that will regulate gun accessibility in America.

According to the Times,

“Gun sales went up in the year after Sandy Hook. In the three years since the shooting, many states have expanded gun rights. There have been at least 1,000 mass shootings since the 2013 massacre.”

A Pew Research survey showed that the number of Black adults who said they owned a gun jumped from 15% in 2013 to 19 percent in 2014. That same year, 54% of Blacks said that owning a gun made people safer, compared to just 29% who said so in 2012.

Sadly Trump’s presidency appears to be affecting the peace and safety of US citizens who feel threatened by his views; courtesy of his fanatic supporters.


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