“Blackface”: Student Paints Face Black, Gets Expelled From His University!!

A student of the University of Central Arkansas was excluded from the university for having painted the black face at a party. The fraternity to which he belonged to it was suspended.

The shared photo on a private Instagram account quickly toured the scociaux networks. During one evening a student fraternity of the University of Central Arkansas (UCA), the United States, one of its members stood out for having painted the black face. A “blackface” who did not laugh big world.

The university president quickly responded by stating that “the picture was highly offensive and disgusting and it was contrary to that in which, UCA, and we believe we are fighting. This instituion embraces all races , cultures and nationalities. “ Another fraternity of American students, the Sigma Tau Gamma, asked what the student author of “blackface” is returned to the university and the association is suspended. She was heard.

Voir l’image sur Twitter

Voir l'image sur Twitter



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@CNN believe it or not. This is actually happening at the University of Central Arkansas. Thought you’d be interested in seeing this:


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The “blackface”, explains this rostrum of Buzzfeed , is a racist practice, “essentializes” skin color and made her a costume. Born in the 19th century, popularized in the United States and in Europe, this practice has gained momentum during the racial segregation laws, in which white actors would dress in black in “minstrel shows” to represent the stereotypes that were their associates.


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