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Black Teen From Atlanta Receives More Than $2.2M in Scholarships


Kamryn Stargell, a high school senior from North Atlanta High School, says that she is overjoyed after being accepted into 29 universities and receiving over $2.2 million in scholarship awards.


“I was super excited to get in. Mainly because I was really anxious about applying and waiting to see if I was going to get in,” Stargell told Fox 5 Atlanta.



With the help of her mom, Stargell started applying to schools and for financial aid earliest possible. She spent 5 months doing the process and it was all worth it when acceptance letters came pouring in. She is even more grateful for the scholarships given to her.


“Definitely just knowing that I won’t have to graduate with thousands and thousands of dollars in debt and being able to move on to my next step in my career without that financial burden is really just an overpowering feeling,” she said.


Stargell plans to major in biomedical engineering or biology and go to medical school after graduating college. She will consider that as well as the financial help and the place in choosing the school she will attend.


“Definitely having to choose from so many offers is really a lot to take in but just the excitement of it all is what’s so fun about it. I know the pressure from the beginning of the school year was a lot of work having to manage applying for financial aid and scholarships, but knowing the hard work paid off is really exciting. It’s like a breath of fresh air.”


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