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Black Student From Florida Scores A Perfect 1600 On The SAT Exam


Justin Ricketts, a 17-year-old student from Riviera Beach, Florida, scored a perfect 1600 score on the SAT, CBS12 News reports. He has also been accepted to some prestigious colleges. Justin, of Lake Worth, is yet to decide which college to attend, either Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard, or Princeton.


“I definitely want to go to school in New England, hopefully, so those are my top choices right now,” the brilliant student told CBS12 News.

A senior at Suncoast High School, Justin recently returned from nationals for debate in Kentucky, the outlet said. He is all set to become president of the debate team at Suncoast this fall.

Justin will also be leaving this week to Boston to attend the Research Institute at M.I.T. for an exclusive program where he will study visual tension.

He hopes to one day become a neurosurgeon. According to a report by NCBI, less than 4% of all neurosurgeons in the United States are Black or African American. There are 33 neurosurgeons who identify as African American and female, making up 0.6% of the neurosurgical workforce in the United States.

Generally, the dearth of Black people in medicine can be attributed to segregation and cost.


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