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Black Self-Hate: Bahamian School Threatens To Suspend Black Girl Over Her Afro

The Bahamian government is trying to resolve a dispute between a school and an angry parent after a head teacher allegedly threatened to suspend a girl for wearing her hair natural.

The Bahamas government says young women have always been free to attend school with their hair “in its natural state” as it denied reports that a student had been suspended last week from the CR Walker Senior High School.

“We are fully cognisant of the sensitivity of this matter and are confident that after review with the school administrator, the school board and the individuals involved, the matter will be amicably resolved,” the ministry of education said in a statement.

“To this end, young women have always been free to attend school with their hair in its natural state provided it is properly groomed and neat,” the ministry added.

Black Self-Hate: Bahamian School Threatens To Suspend Girl Over Her Afro
REPRIMANDED: Schoolgirl Tayjha Deleveaux’s beautiful hairstyle.

The statement came after a parent complained on Facebook, and later to a local broadcaster, that her daughter, Tayjha Deleveaux, had been reprimanded by principal T. Nicola McKay because of her Afro hairstyle, saying it was “untidy” and needed to be groomed.


The story was widely shared on Facebook, spurring a huge social media backlash against the principal.

It has also generated tremendous support for the natural hairstyle and CR Walker student on Facebook using the hashtags #ISupportthepuff #Supportthepuff, and an online petition was also set up.

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