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Black Program Aimed at Raising Millions for Jobs and Scholarships Launched


“Educate Black America” has been launched. This becomes the first product announced by the Educate Black America (EBA) sportswear and accessories business line. In more or less a similar approach to the one that was employed by American Express in which the body steered the restoration of the Statue of Liberty, Alvin J. Lee, who served as the executive of American Express and ABC Ventures project director, issued a clear explanation of the program, underlining that out of the $25 to be paid for the cap cost, $5 will go to the EBA scholarship program, while another $5 will go to the Designated Seller.


There will be a Designated Seller Network of 1,000 individuals, organizations and businesses that will serve as the exclusive sellers of the caps. They’ll all be sold online and every seller will earn $5 from every cap they sell at the designated price of $25. They’ll also be privileged to designated the scholarship winner after selling at least 100 units.

If you’re interested in becoming an EBA seller or a buyer of the caps, simply go to their official website at and hit the EBA caps link.

Lee said that the scholarship and the sales development can go a long way in helping serve the needs of students who lack funds for educations, as well as compliment the works of other businesses and organizations seeking new ways of supporting the communities they operate in.

The main focus of Educate Black America initiative is to empower Black America to be in a position to create jobs and realize economic prosperity. Speaking about the program, former Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm, the current national spokesperson for EBA said, “Educating Black America is something we can do, should do and will do.” Chisholm’s statement laced with Martin Luther King Jr.’s declaration that “nobody will do this for us” underlines the importance of formulating new and creative ways to realize stability and prosperity in Black America.

The program was birthed back in 1980’s as America’s Black Colleges and it has always employed “bricks and clicks” approach to generate millions of dollars towards supporting higher education for Black students, managing to get funding from some of America’s top companies, including American Express, Amazon, MoneyGram, VISA, WorldCom, Walmart, AAA and Progressive Insurance.

ABV Ventures through its EBA Network has seen many companies invest in the multi-Trillion Dollar Black consumer and commercial markets.


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