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How “Black Person” Ended Up In A Kidnapping Alert!!

The little girl of 4 months, abducted Tuesday by his father in Grenoble (Isère), was found in good health on Wednesday morning after the surrender of his father to the police . ” The father went. He called the police from a pay phone in Echirolles [in the suburbs of Grenoble, note] . The BAC intervened. It was recovered at 11:30 with the healthy child ” said Jean-Yves Coquillat, prosecutor in Grenoble.

The “abduction alert” launched Tuesday night to find the baby has stirred controversy on the social networks. The abductor is described initially as an individual “black race”, before correction. Terms that have raised eyebrows users.



C. Jouneau-Sion @cjouneau

Alerte enlèvement, je lis “un individu de race noire”. On leur dit que ça existe pas les races, seulement les couleurs de peau ?


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Sylvain Boisdé ✏ @sboisde

Apparemment, il y a un individu de race con qui écrit les textes pour #alerteenlevement


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What questions is how the term “black race” was able to get out in an official document. The spokesman of the Ministry of Justice, Pierre Januel speaks terms “obviously inappropriate, regrettable and very quickly changed.”


Pierre Januel @PJanuel

#AlerteEnlèvement Certains termes du message,repris précipitamment, étaient évidement inappropriés, regrettables et très rapidement modifiés


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Who really holds the “abduction alert”? The police and justice are responsible for the decision and drafting the document as shown below, this document prosecutors.

According to Pierre Januel conditions of emergencies in which are written the “abduction alert” and the speed of concern why abduction alert “is not validated by the office of the Department of Justice.” The effectiveness of map “abduction alert” is indeed based on its launching speed, ideally within one hour of the facts. Established in France in 2006, he has been triggered 19 times in France, always with success. It is a massive warning system, launched on fifty distribution channels (radio, television, Internet, railway stations, motorways, etc.) to mobilize the population in the search for the abducted child and her abductor.


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“This is an operational device field. We are aware that our error pollutes the main message,”recognizes the spokesman of the Ministry of Justice. The Interior Ministry confirms him, collaboration Police-justice and explains that “the facts” are written by a police officer or a gendarme, but that “the validation of plain text in black and white that comes to flooring also handles the formatting and sending the alert . ”

What we know for now is that the informational items related to the person sought were written by an agent of the security forces and that the document has been validated and disseminated by the prosecutor of Grenoble, who declined to answer our questions.


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