Black Mother’s Son Expelled After She Questioned ‘American History’ Display During Black History Month

Black mother’s son kicked out of the school for questioning ‘American History Month’ display

Kendra Molden’s 4-year-old son was kicked out of daycare at the Neighborhood Learning Center in Lithia Spring. There was reportedly no disciplinary action involved with the removal of this young man from the pre-K program. However, this event does coincide with another incident between Molden and a member of the teaching staff, according to WSB-TV Atlanta.

For Black History Month many places of education take the time to honor historic figures in the African Amercian community for the achievements and contributions to society – which is great. The Neighborhood Learning Center, a privately owned institution, followed in this by putting up a display to celebrate black history, but Molden saw something that didn’t quite add up. While there were black faces like Harriet Tubman and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., there were also people like Walt Disney – which could clearly be confusing for any child who sees it.


Kendra Molden questioned the teacher who made the display, and is also black, in the morning of a school day. By the end of the very same day, she received a call from the center that her child was no longer welcome to attend the daycare center. The young mother used her phone to record a video of she and her son being escorted out of the building when she came to pick him up. According to her, when she asked why he was being kicked out, “They never gave me a reason, and I asked several times,” she admitted.

To add insult to injury, the instructor took the situation to Facebook, where she posted a status saying that, “Pre-K has guidelines that must be followed…GO STUDY YOUR HISTORY…Don’t let ya mouth write you a check that you can’t cash.” These are clearly fighting words of the strongest variety – literally right below ‘ cash me outside”. When called for a comment, the daughter of the director of the Neighborhood Learning Center declined to comment and said that the police would be handling the situation moving forward.

Kendra Molden told WSB-TV Atlanta, “It really hurts me because my son loves school…he’s really smart…He deserves better than that.”



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