Black Militia Says “Dallas Shooter Shall Be Celebrated One Day”

Micah Xavier Johnson, the lone gunman in Thursday night’s ambush on police in downtown Dallas, was an Army veteran who friends described as a nice guy.

But he also was enraged with police shootings of black men around the country, he told negotiators during a tense standoff, and he “had very strong feelings about being black,” a former co-worker said.

Authorities are now investigating whether Johnson was directed by the militant groups he “liked” on social media — including the African-American Defense League, the Black Riders Liberation Party, the Huey P. Newton Gun Club and the New Black Panther Party — or merely emboldened by them.

It’s unclear if Johnson was merely a follower or a more active participant of those groups.

Babu Omowale, co-founder of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, a black militia that performs armed community patrols in Dallas, said Johnson attended black community events in Dallas.


Omowale told Reuters that he did not personally know Johnson but recognized him from group events.

“He wasn’t a stranger to us,” Omowale said.

On Facebook, however, co-founder Yafeuh Balogun appeared to praise Johnson’s actions, writing Sunday, “He shall be celebrated one day.” People who replied called Johnson a hero who stood up to injustice.


In the immediate aftermath of the attack, Balogun posted, “I have no remorse for the Dallas Police Officers shot downtown, it’s about time.”


The militia’s co-founder wasn’t alone in that sentiment.

After the fatal police shootings of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota last week, black militant groups and others quickly called for people to seek vengeance against police.

And Dallas’ officers weren’t the only ones in the crosshairs.



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  1. Imagine if you can having done almost everything possible in a country to succeed and his case even agreeing to accept a position for your government that may very well cause you to take a life, only to find out that before many of their eyesights you are not good enough and your accomplishments though acceptable wasn’t attached to the picture perfect individual that their citizens Invision. The blond hair blue eyed muscular looking kind of sun streaked bronze looking soldier wearing war paint in army fatigues and we can call it Symantecs but they it still works as long as it continues to play upon the mental pschyee. Now add that to, not only do we find you undesirable but we don’t trust you and one wrong move and we will “kill” you. Then how can they think we nor he could grasp this when Hollywood did years ago where a conversation took place with a black American soldier and a Russian, I will never forget the Russian soldier saying I can go eat right now with your countryman who are my enemies and I have been hired to kill them yet my color is all they will see and if you attempt that it would probably result in a fight because they won’t want to serve you and yet you have put your life on the line to help these people. The Russians point was that he could never do it and he told the soldier these people have no loyalty to you and probably never will. Johnson’s a former solider as well, last words were that he wants white people dead because more than likely the thought of usury had set in a long time ago but was restablished with more killings where he felt these officers would walk Scott free once again with a meager apology and after things die down in a few months it would be back to business as usual with more deaths and no end in sight and he probably had long since grown tired of the excuses it was only this year that nine people died at a church in South Carolina where their crime was the fact that their black. The gunman wasn’t harassed by these people or bothered and voluntarily took it upon himself to come into an organization and pretend to be there for spiritual guidance but his sole intentions was murder. Blacks thought that the church was one of the safest places to be as no one in the church had a gun, was running from law enforcement, or had stole anything however they fatally found out that day that they were wrong and that as a people they have no safe haven in this country not even inside their homes since back in the olden days that they called good blacks were burned alive inside of those homes why because at the time they afford to own them they were nice in predominately blacks suburbs and their white counterparts who did this happen to be struggling and felt compelled to take these homes from blacks with the excuse that the blacks only had it not because they worked for it and earned it but because they took it from them (mind you that back then there were no social services programs to help put blacks in those homes and many were educated an ran self employed businesses) & this is just a small sample of what it means to truly be tired they have instilled something inside some blacks that only the heavenly father can deal with, remove, ease the pain, and take away. There are not enough apologies in the world that will ever fix it or restore those murdered. Many may not understand this because it’s not meant for them too but to those who have lived it, then yes it may very well be a cause worth giving their life for because by being black what they will at some point realize is that black is all that they can ever be. Johnson just may end up being seen as martyr because he did what many deep down inside felt and if each black person were to say that this is something that they have never felt after all of this throughout the years that they’ve never felt a sense to even the score then that is what I would question, you see when people are honest you can still talk about but when they want to continue to play these games and keep it bottled up we must wonder how long will it be before they tick and their true colors come out and how devastating will that be because that’s what happened to Johnson. I feel sorry for him because he felt he tried to no avail they will always see fit to kill us so he gave up and decided some of them would join him on his way out you know the saying ” see you in hell”

    Time will tell if he was wrong if murder stops and is no longer race based then he overreacted but on the other hand if after some time has passed and they are comfortable again and killings reoccur then his point was made and the cause to him was not in vain his point -he can not live in a world with or around them like this many have often said in reality kunta’s role is one they could never play suicide first and the Native Americans ancestors confirmed it and are they despised by whites for saying if they were they long since stopped caring as did Johnson !

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