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VIDEO: Black Man’s Reaction To Smoking The Best Weed Of His Life Goes Viral!!

If you like unusual viral videos then this one is going to be right up your alley. A video of a man having an intense emotional reaction to smoking the best marijuana of his life has been gaining mad hits, no pun intended, on World Star Hip Hop, Twitter and even Reddit.


The man in the video is already in tears as it begins. As he cries and sniffles he says, “Thank god for my reefer man. That shit good.”

“Every time my reefer man has some good weed when I come back that afternoon…” he says with tears streaming down his face, blubbering.

“I wanna know what mothaf*ckin’ deals he be getting. He needs to get more of this shit.” Then he says, as though to remind himself and those watching, “This shit too good.”


Written by How Africa

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