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Black Man To Spend 10 Years in Georgia Prison Despite Jury Finding Him ‘Not Guilty’

Black man from Rome Georgia, is serving a 10-year prison sentence after being found not guilty of a crime.

Ramad Chatman says, he never committed the armed robbery he was accused of that is why he turned himself in when he found out he was looked for.

A clerk from the robbed shop seemed to find Chatman on Facebook and consider him a “Black man in dark clothes,” which was seen on the night of the burglary. “It triggered something in me, and it just made me freak out,” the clerk testified.

Unfortunately, Chatman was already on probation after entering a guilty plea for stealing a $120 television. This fact made Superior Court Judge Jack Niedrach decide that Chatman did rob the store without any legal basis.


There was no certified evidence that Chatman committed the robbery as the words of the witness changed each time she testified, the viable description of the robber’s clothes was also absent and the camera footage captured an unidentifiable black man.

Six months later, a jury acquitted Chatman of armed robbery and aggravated assault. Despite that the judge chose not to reinstate Chatman’s probation. In accordance with the rules concerning the first offender status, Chatman was re-sentenced for his original crime. The innocent Black man was ordered to serve 10 years in prison and will be out of prison in 2022.



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