Black Man Arrested After ‘Cutting Off’ His Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend’s N!pples With Scissors

An American man, identified as Tony Ledbetter has been arrested for assaulting and cutting off his pregnant ex-girlfriend nipples after they got in an argument.

According to police reports, the 45 old visited the victim at her house on Tuesday, to address their relationship, but turned into a violent scene when the suspect allegedly punched the victim in the face, slammed her head onto the ground multiple times, and pinned her down by the throat, forcing a blanket into her mouth, before cutting off her nipples with scissors.
The woman, whose identity wasn’t revealed was said to have managed to escape being killed by his ex, who later called the Police to report the situation.

However, Tony Ledbetter has been charged with 8 counts Domestic Aggravated Assault.

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