Black is Beautiful: Check Out New Stunning Photos of Senegalese Model, Khoudia Diop

In celebrating Senegal’s 57th independence day, which was on Tuesday, April 4, 2017,  Khoudia Diop serves all kinds of golden melanin gorgeousness for her tribute to her country.

The shoot, titled Nyenyo (the blacksmiths and metalworkers of the Senegalese caste system), was inspired by Senegal’s Independence Day and saw Khoudia transform into a Wolof woman while trying to share her culture, heritage and the beauty of Senegal.

‘Senegal Independence means a lot to me. We’re freed from certain restrictions placed on us, and can do what we dreamed about as a people, and most importantly really express and be ourselves,’ she wrote on her IG.

 More photos below…

Khoudia Diop

Written by PH

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