Black Excellence Is An Irresponsible, Futile Effort To Combat Victimhood – Nigerian Singer, Seun Kuti

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Nigerian singer, Seun Kuti has shared his thoughts about black excellence which according to him “is engaging in a noble but futile effort to combat victimhood”.


According to the singer, black excellence has a fatal flaw of “irresponsibility” as excellent blacks forget that not all Africans can be excellent.


Seun Kuti who further disclosed that the “ideology is basically African people trying to outwhite the whites”, wondered if Africans must strive for perfection and excellence before being respected as humans.


He wrote;


Black excellence is vibrant, artistic athletic, intelligent, beautiful but it’s fatal flaw? It’s IRRESPONSIBLE!!! The excellent blacks forget not all Africans can be excellent and if our humanity is suddenly pegged at excellent and perfect what happens to all of us who don’t fit into this category. Most Africans are normal, we can’t jump or run fast. We can’t sing and dance or make beautiful clothes. We are just normal people. I don’t get it?

Are we saying the entire African people must strive for perfection and excellence before we are respected as humans? Moreover many of the images I see promoting this ideology is basically African people trying to ‘outwhite the whites’!! And many of them have white peoples name sprawled all over them and they say it’s a brand and I’m like yea, that’s what they called it when they burnt it into the skin of your ancestors also, 200 years later and u are branding urself in the name of success.

| How Africa News

| How Africa News

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