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Black Excellence! Here He Is, The Youngest Amazing 11 Year Old Conductor

He led the Nottingham Symphony Orchestra’s performance of “Die Fledermaus” at the Royal Concert Hall Sunday, April 2. In the past few weeks, Smith had practiced with the NSO and said he would conduct the Johann Strauss operetta from memory.

Smith stated that he first listened to ‘Die Fledermaus’ when he was seven years old. He had seen a video of a young child conducting the nine-minute piece and wanted to give it a try.

He began practicing and managed to conduct the whole procedure a few weeks later. He was excited to put his skills to the test and conduct a real orchestra.


Smith’s mother, Beverly Riley, admitted that she was nervous but said her son did a marvelous job that led to his success.


Smith’s music teacher, Derek Williams who is also the NSO conductor said his student was a mentor who played guitar, drum, piano and viola. He added that Smith was one of the most talented children he has come across.

Smith has done lots of good things. Thanks to the orchestra which has been very supportive of what he is doing. He lives in Nottingham in the United Kingdom where he’s in the 5th grade. Smith has always had a love for classical music from a young age.

Even though his level of maturity is minimal, he has conducted leaders and diplomats. A junior might experience no respect when handling the seniors. Therefore, you have to be a supremely confident young to win over a lot of hardened professional musicians.

With his excellent performance, Matthew is going to shine even in future. It isn’t the first time that we have seen of incredible gifted black kids. Mathew is just a few reported examples.

Matthew has showcased the fantastic talent we have in the black community. You don’t have to be nervous, but you just get used to doing the same practice occasionally


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