Black Entrepreneur, Marshawn Govan Seeks Investors to Grow App That is Revolutionizing the Tax Industry



Meet Marshawn Govan, a veteran entrepreneur of 10 years and the developer of a new app that aims to revolutionize the tax industry on behalf of Black and Latino communities. The goal is to give underprivileged and underbanked families access to consumer credit to be able to affordably finance auto loans, make a downpayment on a home, and/or pay off debt.

His company, MKG Tax Consultants, based in Central California, is currently raising capital on Wefunder to allow retail investors to invest as little as $100 to help build the next financial institution that will very soon redefine the tax industry for the better.


A future Equity Agreement (SAFE) gives these investors the right to future shares in the company. Those who would like to invest are betting that the company will be worth more than $500K eventually.


Their Go-To-Market GTM combines mobile payments, tax preparation, and tax refund together to make tax refunds more convenient for low and middle-income class Americans. As a leading tax preparation technology company, they are always looking forward to growing their share in tax refund bank products.

Why Invest

MKG Enterprises Corp is a diversified financial service company that provides consumer and commercial loans primarily to customers with limited access to consumer credit from banks, thrifts, credit cards, and lenders. Through our platform MKG Enterprises Auto Finance division will be able to provide flexible car buying and auto loan options for used automobiles or refinance existing auto loans to consumers with limited access to credit using the mobile loan app.

There is a growing segment of investors that are demanding that their capital be invested for both financial and social return. Economic inequality is rising exponentially. The future success of the US economy will hinge on our ability to invest in housing, healthcare, education, small business, and other vital services to ensure that the people and places that are being left out are able to share in the newly created value.

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