Black Entrepreneur Launches Online Service to Help Car Buyers Find the Best Deals brokers optimal car deals, and gives customers up to $3,000 in discounts

Car buyers can expect the best value for their money when they use With an inventory of over 100,000 new and used vehicles at dealerships across the U.S., they provide a variety of choices with personalized service for each customer. The growing company specializes in removing the stress of haggling with car dealers. Negotiated discounts and rebates are beyond what the manufacturers and dealers offer.

“We’re a hybrid between a website that has pre-arranged deals and a personal negotiator. Some websites have fees that they’ll never tell you about. Our fee is $40. Our deals are completely 100% real time; every individual might have a different deal available to them on the same car. You don’t pay us until you’re satisfied that we’ve gotten you a big enough discount,” says founder Tracey Watts.


CarMarshal is non-commission based and their flat fee is refundable. They target local dealerships underserved by some of the larger advertisers. Unlike their competitors, they also contact out-ofnetwork dealers to come to the website and make customers an offer. Dealers are eager to provide aggressive offers because they know that CarMarshal customers are serious about purchasing quality vehicles. Services for customers who want to sell their vehicles are also available.

Visit now for a superior car buying experience.

About CarMarshal
Launched in 2013, CarMarshal is a Black-owned third-party advertiser of new and used vehicles. The founder started the company after witnessing a spontaneous bidding war between two dealers while purchasing his car. He ended up buying a new vehicle for less than the used one he was about to ‘settle’ for. The company plans to help bring the Katanka car, which is a black-owned brand made in Ghana, to the U.S.


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