Black Educators Create a Leadership Development Program Centered around Pop Culture


Trill or Not Trill, the nation’s top culturally responsive leadership institute, is proud to announce the launch of their new book We Wear Kicks to Work. Released in October 2020, the book merges theory, practice, and real-life stories within the world of higher education, leadership, and beyond. Available on paperback and Amazon Kindle, We Wear Kicks to Work redefines modern education and business tactics through pop culture analysis, case studies, and the creation of thoughtful, integrated solutions that appropriately reflect the current societal landscape.

Over the years, Trill or Not Trill has acted as an incubator for some of today’s top professional talent, hosted industry-leading conversations with partners of impact, collaborated with like-minded colleges, and produced world-renowned educational tools for innovative leadership solutions.



In education, pop culture case studies have never been more relevant and useful for today’s youth. The boom of digital innovation has prompted a change in education and business that many institutions have yet to get behind. Trill or Not Trill is spearheading this change for young adults by pulling examples from music, culture, current events, trends, and everything in between to make a lasting impression on their audience.

Trill or Not Trill has made the community the focal point of their mission, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to succeed and create their destiny. As a result, Trill or Not Trill develops and cultivates the leaders of the future, building a solid foundation for every student’s next venture into corporate America.

“Trill or Not Trill helped me become a better student by challenging me to take on new and larger roles on campus. They helped prepare me for my professional career not only through their innovative workshops but by providing me with opportunities to speak at national conferences and increased my overall skills as a well-balanced educator. They are a major reason why I am successfully working as a Student Affairs professional today at Ursinus College,” says Alvert Hernandez.

Through proof of concept, diligent programming efforts, and belief in the nation’s most talented youth, Trill or Not Trill has facilitated a movement that has impacted countless individuals’ lives. We Wear Kicks to Work has taken this purpose-driven vision to fruition by providing a revolutionized approach to modern education that inspires tomorrow’s leaders.


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