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Black Couples Who Sleep Unclothed Have A Happier Relationship – Research Shows!!

It is a universally recognized truth that sleep is not always equal to relational harmony. Either with snoring and bad positions, there are many traps capable of disrupting a good night’s sleep with your half.

However, it is easy to adopt pure happiness, not only to share a bed, but also for your whole relationship: Sleep naked, together.

If you and your partner like to sleep naked, it is likely that you are happy in your relationship, perhaps even happier than couples who spend the night in pajamas or clothes.


This is because a new survey revealed that couples who sleep naked have a happier relationship.

The Cotton USA study asked couples “how they slept during the night,” and then asked them to note how happy they were in their relationship.

57% of black couples who slept naked said they were happy

Results showed that 57% of those who slept naked said they were happy, compared with 48% of pajamas, 43% of night wear wearers and only 38% of people wearing pants, shorts, etc. .

Stephanie Thiers-Ratcliffe of Cotton USA said that one of the main factors was that nudity encouraged intimacy and openness, through skin-on-skin contact and the feeling of soft bedding.

Respondents noted, however, that couples who slept naked would always have so much care to do!


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