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Black Comcast Worker Racially Profiled And Ticketed By Police For Doing His Job!!


It is becoming increasingly apparent that simply existing while Black is enough to cause one to be racially profiled and targeted by law enforcement in the United States. The trials of officers who take the lives of Black civilians often trigger discourse opening the gates to victim blame, and comments like “They should have complied”, “They shouldn’t have dressed like that”, are far too often used to excuse the incompetence of officers who clearly targeted Black victims based on their own bigotry. If you are a supporter of movements like “The Thin Blue Line” but oppose those the likes of “Black Lives Matter”, what say you to the following story?


As reported by Distractify:

What would make policemen draw their guns at this cable service employee? Apparently, for being black.

A jittery neighbor called the police when they noticed a black man surveying a nearby house and peering through windows…in a company “Comcast” shirt.

The police allegedly showed up with guns drawn and pointed at the employee who was checking for underground cable wiring. “I’m so sorry America didn’t realized [sic] working was a crime?!!?” he wrote on his Facebook page.


Written by How Africa

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