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Black Americans Are Angry: Donald Trump Loses Top Position To Black Man, Ben Carson

After loud-mouthed Republic Presidential aspirant, Donald Trump made this statement: “Some Africans are lazy fools only good at eating, lovemaking and stealing”, he thought he would just get away with it like several other crazy statements he has been making about others in America.

Unfortunately, the black Americans are not joking with him. Many of them have vowed to punish him in the days ahead. True to their words, Trump is now feeling some serious heat in the campaign.As at the last check, Trump has already been knocked off from the exalted number one position in National polls across America. A black American, Dr. Ben Carson, is now the number one man.

Asked what he thought is responsible for his crashing numbers, Trump screamed: “I don’t get it”!





Presently, Times and CBS polls have also shown that Carson is now the leading Republican candidate.

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  1. The story is misleading, the fall of in the poll has nothing to do with African American, this is republic primary that has less than 10% African American. Ben Carson is not popular in black community either especially given the statement he has made about on social economical issues and for standing up Obama. It the evegalicals that are supporting Carson

    • I commented on this very thing on another blog about this same article and subject. At the time of my post, Ben Carson had pulled ahead of Trump in 4 respected polls in Iowa but, I commented, that, he was not leading Trump in national polls. No sooner than I had posted my comment, I heard on MSNBC that Carson had actually topped Trump in a national poll, one poll. I stated, in my original post, and I believe that if Carson becomes the Republican nominee that it would considerably change the expectation and the general leanings of the black electorate. Hillary Clinton offended the entire black community when she ran against our current president back in 2008 and many are still wary of her being the best candidate for the black community. Bernie Sanders is still unknown to the mass of the black electorate. If Ben Carson becomes the nominee, that will open a new field of perspectives and it would or will have an effect on whatever Democratic nominee runs against Ben Carson. While black people(in general) abhor the Republican party because of its racist character and policies, African Americans concerns have become intensified with the current onslaught of police brutality and many people are emotional and polarized along race and class divides. It will be a very interesting election season if Ben Carson becomes the Republican nominee, the article is not as far fetched as I originally thought when the prospect of Ben Carson becoming the nominee seemed impossible.

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