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Bizarre: Two-headed Turtle Born in China is the ‘First in 30 Million’ Bred by Farmer

The farmer claims to have bred millions of turtles over his career but has never seen one that looks quite like this

A farmer has been left in shock after a two-headed turtle was born at his farm – and claims it is the first in 30 million.

The bizarre creature hatched recently at a farm in Nanfeng County, in the Jiangxi Province of China, according to

Bizarre: The reptile shocked a farmer after being born with two heads

The owner of the red-eared turtle was left stunned after discovering his new reptile had two heads.

Rare: The farmer claims it is the first turtle in the 30 million he has bred to have two heads

But despite its abnormal appearance, the turtle is able to move around freely, and both heads are said to have a healthy appetite.

The farmer claims to have bred more than 30 million turtles but says it is the first time he has ever seen one with two heads.


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