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Bizarre Moment Man Walks into Apple Store and Calmly Smashes Every iPhone in Sight (Video)

I was skeptical at first though… I thought the phones were dummies on display but after he smashed the Mac Book and it went off… I knew he was serious!

Images and the video you’re about to see shows the bizarre moment a man walks into an Apple store and calmly smashes every iPhone he placed his sight on.

The enraged customer, whose name is currently unknown, is believed to be in his thirties – after being refused a refund for an Apple product he returned, he claimed the store violated European rights, and decided to take justice into his own hands.

Using a steel ball from the bowling game pétanque, the customer casually walks around the Apple store smashing up iPhones and a MacBook.

“Apple is a company that ‘violated’ European consumers’ rights,” the customer shouted, according to another shopper.

“They refused to reimburse me, I told them: ‘Give me my money back’. They said no. So you know what’s happening? This is happening!” French newspaper Le Bien Public reports that the incident happened shortly before 1 p.m. on Thursday in an Apple Store in Dijon.

Watch the video below:

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