Billionaire Plans To Build $400 Billion New City In The American Desert

An ex-Walmart executive, Marc Lore, has unveiled plans to build a new city in the United States which will be inhabited by five million people.


CNN reports that the project is called Telosa, a $400 billion (N164,400,000,000,000) sustainable metropolis the billionaire hopes to create from scratch in the American desert.


Photo credit: Bjarke Ingels Group and Bucharest studio

What to expect

The city will have eco-friendly architecture, sustainable energy production and a purportedly drought-resistant water system.

According to the planners, Telosa will eventually grow to 150,000 acres, supporting 5 million people. That stage, however, is at least 40 years away, IGN Africa reports.


The first phase will take between 10 and 20 years to achieve, and will support one million people in Telosa.

According to New York Post, in June, Lore hired a Copenhagen-based architectural firm, Bjarke Ingels Group, to design the city.

Residents of Telosa will be able to get to their workplaces, schools or anywhere else within 15 minutes.

While there’s no specific location for the project, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Texas and the Appalachian region are being considered for it.

Social media reacts

Many social media users soon flooded CNN’s post on social media to react to the plans.

Jorene Soto said:

“Why would you build a massive city in a part of the country that is running out of fresh water?”

Maureen Merchant commented:

“Oh, in the desert. Where they are already running out of water at a frightening pace. Brilliant.

“Also, I’m curious how they’re going to embody “the social and environmental care of Scandinavian culture. At a minimum, this would require higher taxes and a massive change in the cultural and political ideology of the conservative states contained on his proposed list.”

Jim Beal wrote:

“The description sounds like it would be packed with progressive-thinking people. Put it on the Idaho-Utah border and turn both of those states blue.”

Debbie Hesse said:

“Another city of 5 million in the desert — where there is no water — great idea.”

Allan Robinson wrote:

“How are they going to build a city without water?”


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