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Billionaire Philanthropist, Bill Gates Expressively Opens Up On Lessons Africa Should Learn From China

The billionaire made emphasis on the reason why he and Melinda has dedicated their lives giving back to the needs of the general public. He made it known that investing in Agriculture and health sectors are purposefully as those two are the main causes of human deprivation

“I wish each decision in Africa was about who can run the human services framework best for everybody; who can run the agribusiness frameworks best for everybody. Majority rule government, even in the West, is somewhat bizarre regarding what needs voters settle on decisions on. Be that as it may, a few governments truly put ability into human services and distribute a fitting measure of back to the well being framework.

He adds with emphasis: “It is a bit strange for anybody to think we have ulterior motives in giving away tens of billions of dollars… if we are crazy, it must be for some other reason than pure greed.”

Indeed, as one of the richest person in the world and a champion of aid, he sounds convincing when he says investing in healthcare, provides the best return on investment. In their annual letter, Bill and Melinda write that every dollar spent on vaccination creates $44 in economic benefit. And looking into the future, their magic number is Zero. Zero polio; Zero malaria; Zero HIV and other diseases.


On the rising youth populace needing employments in business sectors that already overwhelmed with robots and Artificial Intelligence he tells the magazine:  “Way off later on, the mechanical autonomy will take things over. It means the idea of the activity market will move fairly. In any case, in Africa, the requirement for occupations, for educators, for business specialists, is going to way surpass supply throughout the following two decades.

And what about China? Gates believes Africa can learn about poverty alleviation, health and educating their farmers. But he is quick to point out how China made a few of its own mistakes before getting it right: “Collectivisation, the Great Leap forward, the Cultural Revolution – people should study those and avoid them,” he proffers.

As for Africa, it has been a long and exciting learning journey he says, as well as having had the privilege of working with and meeting some great people. An ‘impatient optimist’ he signs off by saying that “Africa has substantially improved by any metric” in the last 20 years.

 Source: New African Magazine


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