Billionaire Businessman Bill Gates Explains How to Fight Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a pandemic according to Bill Gates, although the World Health Organization has not officially declared it.

The businessman and co-founder of Microsoft said there was no time to waste and that a number of steps needed to be taken immediately to deal with the coronavirus epidemic.

In an article entitled “How to respond to COVID-19”, published on his blog GatesNotes, Bill Gates offers solutions to deal with the epidemic which has already killed thousands of people.

The death toll already stands at nearly 2,900 people with 83,000 infected.

“Over the past week, the COVID-19 virus has started to behave like the pathogen that only occurs once in a century and that worries us. The COVID-19 pandemic is a good example. We have to save lives, ” wrote Bill Gates in his article.


According to the billionaire, leaders have two equally important responsibilities in times of crisis like these which are “to solve the immediate problem and prevent it from happening again.” “

Bill Gates offers the following solutions that could slow the spread of the virus.

“Rich and developed countries should provide low and middle income countries including Africa and South Asia with trained health workers to monitor the spread of the virus and administer the vaccines. “

“Establish an international database for disease surveillance where countries can share information. “

“Develop a screening system for compounds whose safety has already been tested with a view to their use for the development of a vaccine. “

“Governments and donors should fund manufacturing companies that can develop safe, effective vaccines and antivirals, get them approved, and deliver billions of doses within a few months of the discovery. “

“The world must invest in disease surveillance, including the creation of case databases that are instantly accessible to the organizations concerned and the establishment of rules that require countries to share their information. “

“In addition to technical solutions, the budgets devoted to these efforts must be multiplied by several. “

“Governments and businesses will need to reach an agreement. During a pandemic, vaccines and antivirals will not just be sold to the highest bidder. They must be available and affordable for the people who are most affected and need them most. “


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