Bill Cosby’s Wife Slams Husband’s Accusers, Likens Them to the Woman Who Got Emmett Till Killed

Following the conviction of veteran actor Bill Cosby, his wife Camille Cosby has come out to blast those accusing him. She issued a statement in which she compared her husband’s accusers to the woman who accused Emmett Till, an accusation that saw Till lynched. In the 800-strongly-worded statement, Camille not only blasts Cosby’s accusers, but also chides the media and says the district attorney’s office is unethical.


She began her statement, saying, “‘We the people’ are the first three words of our nation’s Constitution, but who were those people in 1787? Dr. Howard Zinn, the renowned, honest historian, states in his best selling book, A People’s History of the United States: ‘The majority of the 55 men who framed the Constitution were men of wealth in land, slaves, manufacturing or shipping.’ Clearly, most people were not included in that original draft of the Constitution; no women, Native Americans, poor white men; and, absolutely, no enslaved Africans. What have the masses of people done who are treated as outcasts by ‘we the people’? They, through the purity of the unceasing human spirit, forced 27 amendments to the Constitution that have guaranteed fundamental rights to all people…finally doing what the framers should have done in 1787. Now enters an American citizen, Bill Cosby.”

Then Camille focused on the media, accusing them of accepting things as truth even without first investigating. “The overall media, with their frenzied, relentless demonization of him and unquestioning acceptance of accusers’ allegations without any attendant proof, have superseded the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments, which guarantee due process and equal protection, and thereby eliminated the possibility of a fair trial and unbiased jury.”

Camille said Cosby’s guilty verdict was simply because the women who accused her, supported by the media, said so. But that’s not all; she said that even as the media was disseminating the untruth, they also made sure that the truth wasn’t shared at all, which, she says, is “in violation of the protections of the First Amendment. Are the media now the people’s judges and juries? Since when are all accusers truthful? History disproves that…for example, Emmett Till’s accuser immediately comes to mind.”

Camille also mentioned Darryl Hunt’s ordeal. Hunt was “an African American who in 1984 was wrongfully convicted for the rape and murder of a white woman, only to have DNA evidence establish in 1994 that he did not commit the crime. Nonetheless he was held in prison until 2004, serving almost twenty years behind bars, until the true rapist confessed to the crimes.”

According to Camille, what her husband is going through now is similar to the what Emmett Till and Darryl Hunt went through.


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