Bill Cosby Has Found A New Calling In Prison While His Wife Refuses To Visit: Report

New reports on Bill Cosby‘s behind-bars interactions are being shared, and the latest details surround the fallen comic’s ironic new gig and his wife’s alleged refusal to visit him.

Radar Online exclusively reports that Cosby has taken on the role of “life coach” to his fellow inmates while in prison, as he has reportedly been giving them advice about their respective situations.

The site further learned, after speaking with his publicist, Andrew Wyatt, that Cosby also has another moniker for his fellow inmates.


“He has been able to speak with other inmates about their situation and impart advice,” Wyatt shared. “Mr. Cosby loves hearing other stories of the inmates, whom he calls residents.”

Furthermore, the site reports on the heavily rumored estranged nature of Cosby and his wife Camille’s marriage. It is now being reported that while she recently planned a surprise visit for her husband, sending his publicists to check on him, she was a no-show.

If you would like to actually read about Cosby’s prison experience from the horse’s mouth, he is also reportedly working on a book.

“I shouldn’t be here, but I’m here. But I will be able to write about it, write music about it,” he told his publicists, per The Washington Informer. “They can put you away, but they can’t take away your memory, your life experience.”


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