Bill Cosby Accuser Chloe Goins’ Lawyer Plans to Depose Comedian in Jail Via Video

A lawyer has told exclusively that he plans to grill shamed comic Bill Cosby in jail via video.

Lawyer Spencer T. Kuvin Esq. — who represents Chloe Goins — has already prepared some very searching questions for the 81-year-old.

Goins, who describes herself as a “model turned rapper” on her Twitter page, alleges that Cosby drugged and raped her at a Playboy party back in 2008.

Under the name “Chlo-Chlo,” Goins released a rap diss track about the sitcom star called “Hypocritical Bill.”

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lawrence Cho is allowing a civil suit brought against Cosby by Goins to proceed.

Lawyer Kuvin revealed: “I intend to take his deposition in jail by video and I told them that I wanted a date by the end of the year.

“So I gave them three possible dates and I’m letting them pick and if they don’t give me a date I’m going to set it.

“It’s going to be a lengthy deposition. I can tell you that because there is a lot of stuff to go through. A lot of history.”

Sources have told that the 81-year-old has no idea of what is coming his way as he sits caged in Montgomery County Prison in Pennsylvania.

“Bill Cosby doesn’t know about this yet until he gets permission to use the phone at around 8:30 pm,” revealed the source.

“The only way Mr. Cosby would know right now would be if he hears it on the news during dinner, a prison guard or an inmate tell him.


“He’ll be pissed because he thought that since this happened he’d be ‘off the hook’ until he’s back home.”

Kuvin will demand answers from Cosby about his whereabouts in 2008 and his friendship with the late Hugh Hefner.

“I’m going to ask him what he was doing there, why was he there, who did he meet there, who he was with and was he with any girls when he was out there,” he added.

“I got a whole bunch of material that I have gathered together over the last two years that I have to go through — and its going to be a nice long lengthy deposition about the history of Bill Cosby.”

And the lawyer is determined to get answers from the felon during the deposition despite the fact that he may try and assert his 5th Amendment right against self-incrimination.

“He’s going to have to do that to each and everyone of the questions I ask him,” said Kuvin.


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