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Bilal Hassani: French-Moroccan Eurovision Contestant Faced Homophobic Abuse

People are getting really excited about Bilal Hassani, a singer chosen to represent France in the Eurovision singing competition.

The singer, who was born in Paris to French-Moroccan parents, is not new to French public, as he won The Voice Kids in 2015, when he was 15 years old.

But his career then took an unconventional turn.

While he says that record companies tried to turn him into the next Justin Bieber, he instead insisted on going his own way.

And he built up a following.

Each of Hassani’s posts on Instagram gets tens of thousands of likes, mainly for his big personality, his gender-neutral style, and his impressive collection of wigs.


Hassani first came out as gay to his fans online when he was 17, by writing a song called Hold Your Hand and posting it to Twitter.

But it has attracted critics.

While he was competing for France’s Eurovision selection show, his critics dismissed him as an “Arab in a wig”.

Despite this, he went on to win the competition in France and will compete against the rest of Europe in May with his song Roi, which is about self-acceptance.


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