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Big Clash Between Ben Arfa And The Emir of Qatar: “Ben Arfa, Ciao, You Do Not Play Anymore! “


We know finally why Hatem Ben Arfa does not play with the PSG at the end of the season. As the Emir of Qatar chastised the Parisian players after the humiliating recontada against FC Barcelona, ​​the French International has taken to the owner of the club as revealed to Radio Cut the former tennis player Gaston Gaudio present at this Clash.

I was present at the meeting after 6-1 (he is friend with several PSG players and spends a lot of time at the Ooredoo center). I was with Pastore, Di Maria and other players. The discussion was very hard. There was the owner of the club, the Emir of Qatar. What bothered me most was Ben Arfa. It is a player who is substitute, he plays well but he is not holder. In the middle of the meeting, Ben Arfa went crazy while the owner was talking. “I want to talk to you but I never find you.


I thought it was not possible for a player to do that. He wanted to talk to the owner because he never played. The latter replied: “I do not have to talk to you, I do not see why I would. You have to talk to the club leaders, not with me. ” And it’s gone. Then the leaders said, “Ben Arfa, ciao, you’re not playing anymore. “

So did Hatem Ben Arfa sign the end of his adventure at the PSG with this clash? It would seem that yes even if the player is determined to stay within the club of the capital next season.


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