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Beyond Its Flavour, Here Are The Unsuspected Health Benefits Of Onion

Everyone has consumed at least once in his life of the onion. This plant whose bulb is used as a vegetable is in abundance on our stalls during the autumn season.

Beyond its flavor and a thousand and one ways to incorporate it into our dishes, onion has been appreciated for centuries for its health benefits.
Long before us, Greeks and Egyptians are the first to consume it briskly to cure various diseases.

In particular, it prevents the proliferation of certain bacteria in the internal organs . Especially appreciated by people prone to diabetes, it ensures a better regulation of the sugar level in the body. 
Its properties are such that the bulb can also prevent cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure. 
Some experts say it can even curb the development of many types of cancer. 
To prevent certain diseases at best, it is advisable to eat at least twice a week, in the form of pie, soup, raw, fried or stewed, you are spoiled for choice .


To cure diabetes, the onion must be eaten in large quantities , at a rate of 40 grams per day, however it is advisable to consult your doctor first
Because if the benefits of onion are indisputable, it can be the cause of irritable bowel syndrome.

Here are its main virtues summarized in a few points   :

Here are its main virtues summarized in a few points :

It improves blood circulation;
It helps to dissolve internal clots;
It prevents anemia;
It is anti-anemic, it brings iron, phosphorus, vitamin E and regenerates red blood cells;
It helps relieve colds and bronchitis;
The onion is rich in vitamins A and C, ideal for relieving respiratory diseases;
It helps to control hypertension;
It is rich in vitamin B and potassium, magnesium, helps improve the functioning of the nervous and muscular system;
It helps to lose weight and control our weight;
It is excellent for pregnant women and children, it contributes to the growth and good development of the fetus in the first weeks of pregnancy;
It is antioxidant thanks to vitamins A and C in particular;
It improves asthma and inflammation, thanks to the sulfur it contains;
It is antiseptic, applied externally, the onion can act as a natural antiseptic.


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