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Beyonce and Dixie Chicks Performance Deleted from CMA Website After Several Racist Comments

The organizers at the Country Music Awards deleted all references and images of Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks from their website after many racist comments from fans against the 4 women. The performance of Beyonce’s hit, “Daddy Lessons,” with the Dixie Chicks on Wednesday night at the CMA went viral and was trending for racist reasons, but by Thursday morning the video of the performance on had been deleted.

According to TMZ, Sources directly connected with the CMAs said the performance was deleted because of fans who posted racist and other harsh comments. They also deleted the women from all social media platforms but they did not delete the women from Snapchat … they only deleted the ladies from CMA accounts where users can place comments.
Some of the comments were:

“That’s right folks. Beyonce performed at the CMAs last night & is on a mission to take country music away from us, hardworking white people!”

“Beyonce overrated racist n***er bitch.”

“@Beyonce the cop hater? No thanks,”

“What place does @Beyonce who vilifies police officers who keep us safe have to do with #CMAawards50?”


But of course the Beyhive wasn’t having any of it. Read some of their comments below:





TMZ added that CMA people felt it may have been  a mistake to have invited the 4 women in the first place.

Ater a lot of backlash from the Beyhive and some other fans, CMA started adding the images of Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks to its social media pages.


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