Beware!! Viruses Caught In The Morning Can Kill Faster!! New Research Reveals

Is it true that viruses are more efficient in infecting and killing us, if we catch them in the morning? What scientists have discovered can change your life!

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Some viruses are not only dangerous but even lethal. We all hear of Zika virus or Ebola. These and many others, such as influenza virus are more potent in the morning because our body cells are more receptive to them.

The tests have been done on the animals and showed that right after waking up their bodies were more vulnerable to viruses than later in the day or the evening. Plus, those after jet leg were also more receptive to infection. Here is what they say:

viruses are active in the morning


“The virus needs all the apparatus available at the right time. Otherwise it might not ever get off the ground, but a tiny infection in the morning might perpetuate faster and take over the body.”

So, even small amount of virus can cause more damage if you contact with it in the morning. We all have our “body clock” and in the mornings it is ticking slowly, so to say. The body gets locked in, and the viruses spread quickly from cell to cell.

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Over 10 percent of your genes are run by that “body clock” and they go slow in the mornings. So, in one way we all are not the morning people. Once those genes get blocked, viruses get the carte blanche to invade and take over.

This valuable information can help doctors to manage the spread of lethal infection and stop pandemics more efficiently. Plus, if you know the viruses are out, you can change your life and schedule to avoid the crowds in the morning if you can. This would help you to stay well and not to catch any infection.


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